Monday, August 31, 2015

Music Video shot in downtown Spokane

What do you think of this video shot in downtown Spokane?


Will Murray said...

Spokane has been my home for some 57 years. I love this city. A number of years ago we were in a situation where we could relocate to anywhere we would like. I could see myself living in Bend, Oregon or perhaps Wenatchee, Washington, both of which are on the dry side of the Cascade mountains. In the final analysis, Spokane has almost all of the positives and few of the negatives that we consider important in choosing a home. So, we will stay here. Years ago when relatives from larger cities came to visit, some of the remarks they made were:
“We can’t believe that you live so close to downtown, but it is not a slum.” Also:
“Gee, all of the houses in this neighborhood are different.”
When we learned that a music video was going to be shot in downtown Spokane, we thought that was fine. However, when I viewed the video last week, I can only say that it is an embarrassment to all of us.
The visuals depict some of the worst of downtown Spokane. Fenced up and boarded up buildings plus alleys strewn with debris and covered with graffiti. This appears to be an attempt to make Spokane look like this is some sort of black ghetto culture.
For those who are not familiar with Spokane, we have less than 2 percent of our population that is black. This video implies that about half of us are black. Check the two groups of black males in the intersection of Howard and Main. They appear more as an angry black gang than they do singers or dancers.
The audio continues the black ghetto them with the black vernacular such as, “.. Who dat is?” The audio is not understandable to most who hear it. It sounds more like the ravings of someone on drugs. If you look, you can find a text copy of the lyrics on YouTube. Note that the text copy does not have the vulgar content of the audio track:
“...went to the moped store said fuck it.”
“You don’t need a cab fuck a bus pass,…”
“Going thirty-eight, damn, chill the fuck out…”
The audio track is more explicit about sex than the visual.
“...and a bad little mama with her ass in my face I’m ma lick that, stick that, break her off. (kit-kat)” The urban dictionary on the web defines kit kat as: “The act of fingering a girl using 4 fingers. Brian: I slipped Julie 4 fingers last night mat: wow man, u kit katted her brian: yea man
Hey, it’s a free country and if you are 18 or over you can say or view whatever you like.
Unfortunately, it is this kind of rap crap that appeals to the 11 to 16 year old kids who think it is “cool.”
Shame on Spokane for participating in the production of this crap.

Will Murray said...

Only an ignoramus would refer to these scooters as mopeds. A moped is a bicycle with a small motor on it. Also these people are in blatant violation of our helmet law.